As Certified Project Managers (PMP), we are able to take over the entire project from start to finish, coordinate all subcontractors and manage the process before staging & showcasing your home.
  • Minor repairs
  • Painting
  • Kitchen and bathroom upgrades, backsplash installation, kitchen cabinets
  • Flooring installation and carpet replacement
  • Doors & windows replacement
  • and more
  • Painting is one of the lowest cost investments
  • Very effective & makes your home immediately appealing
  • First impressions are key
  • Stress-Free move services
  • Reputable moving companies
  • Manage & coordinate your move

Renovations required will be delivered by team LOTUS for home improvements.

Our objective is to connect with the home owner at a very early stage, work with them to understand their plan, unique needs and budget. An early start in the process means more options, a solid plan, work completion on time and listing your inviting home sooner rather than later.

We will work around your busy schedule and make it happen